Sportingbet: bet on “correct result” and get seven free games

Customers with Sportingbet can for the federal league game Mainz 05 against Schalke 04 on 12.02.2016 a bet and with the tip on the correct result seven win free games. The game takes place in the home stadium of Mainz and is being held for the ideas on the table space to decide. You win, you can ascend to number three, you lose on the other hand, there is the danger of slipping out in the table.

Who would like to take part, must make sure of the following

about the seven free games at Sportingbet to win, to the qualifying game Mainz 05 against Schalke 04. As qualifying betting mark is only accepted “correct result”. The customer must have at least one bet on the qualifying betting market set up for the seven free games to register. For this promotion will only apply to Sportingbet real money bets. Free bets are not accepted at this point. All games will be one day after the end of the action will be credited to the customer’s account. They stand for the period between 12:00 and 23:59 am.

The obtained free games can only be used for the game “Star burst”. After activation of the free games can only unlocked game. All free games must only be set once completely before any earned profits can be disbursed. If the customer for example 10 Euro wins, the amount only completely set before a payment can be made. Does the customer have real and bonus money, first the bonus money. It is particularly important that the sales conditions only for Star burst can be rendered and only inserts in Real Money Mode. Any set bonus money is in this case is necessary to continue, but is not included in the sales conditions clean. The sales conditions of the customer are not up to the next day 23:59 met, the free games will expire. In addition, the profits will be canceled. The offer is valid only for bets were set before the start of the game. Bets from the live betting area are not counted. The same applies to combined bet, since for this action only single bets are accepted.

So you can see the Free games Bonus double

the additional bonus offer is only valid on selected games, provided that they are on the site are displayed. The customer must ensure at least one bet before the game on the “correct results” and on three live betting on qualifying game. If the customer has met all the conditions that he receives double the number of free play. As in the actual offer apply for the free games on the same terms. Here you can also only single bets and no multi bets are taken into account. Canceled bets are excluded from the action.

Betsson: NHL betting offer

With the current game of the bookmaker Betsson is possible. NHL-knowledge is up-to-date with 2,000 Euro rewarded. For this we must only between the 8. February and the 15. February 2016 Register and for each winning combo points. In the week have to accept bets from 5 Euros from rates of 2.50 or more are provided. The player who has the most points at the end, the main award winning. On the other 10 best players waiting rewards and free bets.

The knowledge quickly prove

with your own account you can quite simply for the game on Betsson register and take part. This will direct the NHL even more exciting. After his bet on the NHL, has placed only on the confirmation email in the customer mailbox service. The minimum bet for the game is 5 Euro on rates of 2.50 or higher. If one of these conditions is not met, the bet is excluded from the action.

For the bet can be considered valid, the following further conditions must be taken into account: any bet at least two different selections or games. Similarly, the bet at least a selection of the NHL. The bet has been placed successfully, the success in the ranking list on the website to be completed. The points are derived from the total of the quotas, resulting from the winning betting slips. Every day before 18:00 p.m., the ranking lists are updated.

It should also be setto the value in the action of betsson participate, the bet between the 8. February and the 15. February are placed. In order nor to the action to be paid, bets up to 15. February before 8:00 PM should be evaluated. Since one of the valid participation in the action must be logged, also secures the subsequent notification nor take part, as long as it is in the game time. All the winning betting slips of the player will be for points of the ranking list collected. It is important to ensure that at least one bet is always based on the NHL refers, as well as the minimum bet and the quota were taken into account. Single bets on this action can not be taken into account. System bets will be treated individually, both in terms of operations and quotas as well as on the betting selection.

The prices are at the end of the action and distributed among the players on Tuesday, 18. February, before 18:00 on the customer account. In the event of a tie, the cash prizes split. The player with the highest score is credited with the 2,000 Euro. The second place gets a prize money of 1,000 euros, the third place receives 500 Euro. The profit will be credited without any sales conditions. Wait for the other places free bets to the value of EUR 50 (places 4-6), 25 Euro (seats 7-10).

The net winnings will be paid as a betsson bonus, the minimum of the ratios of 1.50 must be implemented before cashing out. The net profits of the Free Bet will be from the real money which has been used to implement. The free bet must be submitted at the latest by the 29. February 2016 be used, otherwise they expire.